Micro Trim Square or Mini Rafter Square?

Micro Trim Square or Mini Rafter Square?


Have you been looking at buying a TrigJig Micro Trim Square or Mini Rafter Square. Wondering what the key features are and the differences between these two, handy pocket squares? Here's a quick look at the similarities and differences between the MTS100 Micro Trim Square and RSA100 Mini Rafter Square to help you decide which to go for.


CNC machined from high quality T6 6082 aluminium. They are equally compact, precise and robust. Fitting neatly in the palm of your hand and easy to stow in pockets or tool belts. We originally launched the MTS 100 Micro Trim Square as an ideal pocket companion for Trim and Finish carpentry. Light but robust and not compromising on features.




However, we found a lot of site joiners and carpenters were also opting for this convenient pocket sized option but desired a few tweaks. Essentially, so it would better fit their chunky carpenters pencils. So we set about launching a variant that offered this plus packed in a few more features from our popular 180mm and 300mm Rafter Squares: The RSA100 Mini Rafter Square.





114mm and mini ruler
Scribe notches
Protractor Scale
Anodised protective seal
CNC Machined 3mm T6 Aluminum plate
Offset heel that allows for 1mm increments (odds one side, evens on the other)
45-degree cutaway for a tight fit where welds build-up or internal radius
Compact, lightweight and robust - fits easily in your pocket or toolbelt


    Circular scribe holes - works best with mechanical or engineers pencils (e.g. Pica)
    Trim work and finish carpentry and metal fabrication too


      Semi-circular scribe notches, better for chunky carpenters pencils
      Hip/Valley and Common Rafter Scales
      Perpendicular and Birds Mouth line
      Roofing, trim carpentry and is a handy pocket option for site joinery/carpentry

      Which is your favourite? Overall, both tools are a great introduction to the excellent craftsmanship and engineering that TrigJig tools are renowned for. Providing a lightweight but feature packed tool for any kit.