Great Tools Made Properly

Great Tools Made Properly

At TRIGJIG, our innovative designs are built in-house, this means that we can ensure the tools you buy are produced to the highest quality and better than anything else on the market.

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Needed some angle finders for work, decided to try out these #trigjig. Really impressed with the build quality.

As far as first impressions go this is definitely up there. Well engineered beautiful bit of kitfrom @trigjig can't fault it at all.

...the engineering is epic. Quality British made kit, love it. This has clearly been engineered to last the test of time.

Impressive finish. Stainless steel and anodised aluminum. Seems legit. Not a sponsored post. I bought the square with the spare coin I found under the seat of my big ass 4x4 truck!

Great bit of kit and far superior build quality to the starrett it replaced. There's nothing wrong with the Starrett but the TrigJig is far more refined, much easier to read and just seems more robust.

Dave Cullen Joinery
Quality British Tools

Quality British Tools

From concept to dispatch - TrigJig tools are fully designed and made in Nottinghamshire, England. Crafted from the highest quality materials, from our workshop to yours.