About Us

Precision Hand Tools. Designed and manufactured in-house to the highest quality.

TrigJig tools are designed and developed in the UK by HICI Ltd. I founded the company, which stands for 'Home Improvement and Construction Innovation', in 2015 with a mission to develop and manufacture innovative, high-end hand tools for a variety of trades and the serious hobbyist. Combining robust, British engineering with genuinely useful design features. Helping you to work smarter with top-class tools built to last.
Dan, Founder & CEO.

 Design Innovation

As a small business, we focus on creating precision marking and measuring hand tools for carpenters, woodworkers, metal fabricators, site joiners and many other trades.
TrigJig tools designed and made in the UK
We only ever use the highest quality materials and design and machine all of our tools at our own premises. To ensure we can guarantee the highest standard of workmanship for each and every product. From concept through to the end result.

From our workshop to yours