A new take on a 100+ year old tool

A new take on a 100+ year old tool

About a year ago now, we decided to design a brand new style of combination square off the back of a request from a customer of ours.  If you haven't seen that video then head over to our YouTube channel you can see all about that. Here is the final design of the tool: The Glyder 82. We're really proud of how it has turned out and were happy to be put up for the challenge. As you can see it's a two-part design with an upper and a lower. The purpose of redesigning this tool is to address some of the shortcomings of most standard combination squares. It goes without saying, as with all of our tools, the Glyer 82 is precision CNC machined from high-grade T6 aluminium to super tight tolerances. Anodised with a 15 micron thick coating for added corrosion resistance and assembled with stainless steel fixings. 


We designed a Quick-Release ruler system so with the Glyder 82, you can use a variety of rules from different manufacturers. Anywhere from around 19mm to 30mm wide and 0.5mm to 2.5mm thick. It glides, guides and gently clamps your ruler for an ultra-smooth and accurate operation whilst automatically squaring the rule.

We've paired it with our favourite Mitutoyo engineering rules which you can purchase separately on our website. We chose this brand of rule because it's really well made, highly accurate and with a nice square end.

It's super quick and easy to swap out your rule too. Just pull down on the release, remove and slide the new ruler in. Simple as that! Every time you want to move the tool or adjust it you just pull that release slightly and it locks it back up into square thanks to the spring-loaded push mechanism. You don't have to lock the tool with the thumbscrew if you don't want to. The spring does a pretty good job of holding it square and it's not that easy to move it in and out. This is handy when you’re just taking quick measurements.

If you want to take the rule out and use it as just a standalone ruler, you can. As there's no groove needed on the back of these rulers, you can use any kind of ruler you like. One of the beautiful things about this tool is the action: it's so smooth! It's really, really nice and super quick to change rulers.

Top Tip

Whenever you slide the ruler in and out, you should pull down on the release button. That stops the ruler from rubbing along the wear strips and it will prolong the life of your tool. 


On the back we have a spring bearing and that means that you don't have any parallax issue. For example on the Mitutoyo rules, you've got some 64th of an inch, or 0.5mm markings on the reverse, and you can get them right on the line, for zero parallax issues as it just touches the upper body. The unit is available as a standalone body but you can order the Mitutoyo rulers from our website too. 


The inclusion of the bearing has also enabled us to offer left and right handed models. So left handed users can still get the edge of the rule super close to the body. It also makes it really ergonomic to us. As a mirrored image, left-handed users can hold the square in the right hand and easily mark with their left. 



So we've improved the longevity of the combination square by changing the mechanism from a pull mechanism to a push mechanism. Traditionally, when you pull down with a hook mechanism you're overstressing the bolt which can lead to breakages over time. Our patent-pending spring-loaded push mechanism pushes against a nylon bearing which in turn pushes the ruler up to the wear pads. This prevents bolt fatigue and can then be further secured with a stainless steel thumbscrew. We've provided two sizes of thumbscrews for use with shorter or longer rules of your choice. The one downside of using the push mechanism is you lose that top edge of the ruler. We spoke to a number of people when we were designing this and most people said that rather have something that lasted longer and were happy to sacrifice that one part of the tool. What you do gain is the extra angle of 67.5 degrees or 22.5 depending on how you're using it. 



Calibrating and servicing your TrigJig Glyder 82 is quick and easy thanks to an easy access design. Naturally over time, as you slide the rule in and out, you can start to wear the wear pads. The advantage with the Glyder 82 is you have two wear pads with really easy access and off the shelf servicing kits will be available online soon. You can check for squareness and recalibrate by simply putting a high qaulity rule in against the wear pads, and offer the edge up against another square.

We have included a handy built-in bubble level too and the GLYDER 82 is finished with a protective anodised coating available in your choice of colour combo. 



  • Available in both right-handed and left-handed versions.
  • Ditches fragile pull hooks for a robust spring-loaded push-hold mechanism (patent pending design).
  • This push-hold rather than traditional pull lock helps prevent bolt fatigue.
  • Quick-release ruler system. - Glide, guide and clamping mechanism for smooth and accurate operation. Automatically squares the ruler. 
  • Use with any high-quality woodworking or engineer’s rulers between 19 and 30mm wide and 0.5-2.5mm thick)
  • Lock it in place with two sizes of stainless steel thumb screws provided for long and short rules. 
  • Precision CNC machined from high-grade T6 aluminium for tight tolerances.
  • Lightweight and compact at 200g and 82mm long
  • Stainless steel fastenings
  • Quick and easy calibration, no more time-consuming tasks.
  • Offers 90, 45, and 67.5-degree angles for added versatility.
  • Adjustable spring-loaded bearing ensures super-precise measurements.
  • Built-in bubble level 
  • Corrosion-resistant anodised coating in various colour combos.