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Browse the full range of TrigJig Tools here and order direct from our UK workshop.
All of our tools are proudly designed and made in-house by our small team. From the widest range of Angle Finders on the market to precision Rafter Squares, ingenious pocket tools and innovative features. Our tools are ideal for carpentry, joinery, plastering, metal fabrication and many more trades. 
Best angle finder uk
TrigJig UK £69.00
TrigJig UK £99.00
TrigJig UK £69.99
TrigJig UK £129.00
TrigJig UK £59.00
TrigJig UK £75.00
TrigJig PS 180 Pocket Square
TrigJig UK Sold Out
TrigJig Carpenter Square set
RSA180 Solid Black
TrigJig UK £89.00
TrigJig UK £69.00
TrigJig UK £109.00
TrigJig UK £69.00
CS 180CM carpenter square
TrigJig UK £95.00
TrigJig UK £59.99 £69.99
RSA300 Fixed 300mm rafter square
TrigJig RSA180 best adjustable roofing square