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Introducing the GLYDER 82: a game-changer in combination squares!

Made the same way for over 100 years, we have flipped the engineering on it’s head to give you a robust British-Made tool that’s built to last. Say goodbye to the traditional fragile pull hook design found on most squares. For the Glyder 82, we have developed a spring-loaded, push-hold mechanism to secure the ruler (patent pending). The push-hold can also be locked into position using the integrated stainless steel thumb screw.

The innovative design allows any standard woodworking or engineer’s rule to be used from 19-29mm wide.  We recommend using a high-quality rule such as the Mitutoyo metric & imperial dual scale 6" and 12" rulers (order your ruler separately here).

The two-part body is precision CNC machined from high-grade T6 aluminium to super tight tolerances. At 200g, the Glyder 82 body is both lightweight and robust. The construction allows easy access to the wear strips for simple and quick calibration, a time-consuming task on standard combination squares.

As well as the normal 90 and 45 degree angles, the body is designed to include a 67.5 (or 22.5) degree option too, giving ever more versatility.

There is an adjustable spring-loaded bearing on the rear of the tool that can be adjusted to lightly press the ruler against the wall of the body for super-precise measurements. This design allowed us to create specific models to suit right and left-handed users.

There is a handy built-in bubble level too and the GLYDER 82 is finished with a protective anodised coating available in your choice of colour combo. 


  • Available in both right-handed and left-handed versions.
  • Ditches fragile pull hooks for a robust spring-loaded push-hold mechanism (patent pending design).
  • This push-hold rather than traditional pull lock helps prevent bolt fatigue.
  • Quick-release ruler system. - Glide, guide and clamping mechanism for smooth and accurate operation. Automatically squares the ruler. 
  • Use with any high-quality woodworking or engineer’s rulers between 19 and 30mm wide and 0.5-2.5mm thick)
  • Lock it in place with two sizes of stainless steel thumb screws provided for long and short rules. 
  • Precision CNC machined from high-grade T6 aluminium for tight tolerances.
  • Lightweight and compact at 200g and 82mm long
  • Stainless steel fastenings
  • Quick and easy calibration, no more time-consuming tasks.
  • Offers 90, 45, and 67.5-degree angles for added versatility.
  • Adjustable spring-loaded bearing ensures super-precise measurements.
  • Built-in bubble level 
  • Corrosion-resistant anodised coating in various colour combos.

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*Our tools are all small batch made and the anodising dye a natural product. As such, slight differences in the shade of blue can occur between batches.